The integration platform that helps your company to be truly digital.
Fashion industry giant launches 3 online operations.
The integration platform that helps your company to be truly digital.
Fashion industry giant launches 3 online operations.
The integration platform that helps your company to be truly digital.
Fashion industry giant launches 3 online operations.

Until 2024, at least 65% of organizations will justify spending on integration resources as strategic investments, up from less than 40% in 2019. (Gartner)

79% of CEOs have a digital transformation initiative Digital

Transformation requires organizations to integrate quickly different types of cloud technologies, local and mobile applications in addition to data sources, IoT devices, ecosystem partners and social and business networks.

SAAS adoption and data generation is growing fast

More than 120 systems are used by a single company and about 10% of them already use more than 200 systems.

These systems are generating 5.8x more data by 2025 reaching more than 175 Zb annually.

There is no easy way to connect different systems

The traditional data integration tools (created more than a decade ago) are expensive to buy, keep and scale, they are very complex to deploy and they are not prepared for the cloud, multiple clouds and SaaS.

Why Wevo?

The first iPaaS in Latin America allows companies of all sizes to overcome data silos, creating a powerful integration of data between systems and APIs, whether on-premises or in the cloud, from a single interface.

Our cloud-based platform enables dozens of technology leaders to connect their systems. Creating reusable integration flows and automating processes to increase productivity.

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Find more than 150 developed connectors and many integration flows ready to use.

Our connector library offers instant integration to hundreds of SaaS systems and locations.

As an alternative, developers can easily create their own connectors using the Connector Studio.

Enable fast implantation cycles

The reuse of APIs contribute to increasing workforce productivity. Helping to generate more revenue and reduce costs quickly. Companies with an API strategy have about 10% more value in the stock market than those that do not.

What would you like to connect?

Discover the +150 connectors available

What is iPaaS

An Integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS, is a cloud service that allows communication and integration between different types of cloud or on-premise systems, offering numerous integration features than traditional solutions. IPaaS offers an agile and flexible integration architecture, an essential platform to unlock valuable opportunities and reduce the burden of integration for digital transformation.

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Create custom integrations

Data integration has become the determining condition for whoever leads the global economy. Companies with integration strategies have raised standards with faster project delivery, lower operating costs and new revenue flow.

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“The biggest concern was precisely how to make all the systems and channels talk to each other to make the project work. Wevo had a strategic and vital role because he could connect this giant ecosystem, working completely in such a short time."

Ricardo Susini
Yamaha Commercial Director | Yamaha

“In the e-commerce project of the Lança Perfume and Enna brands, integrator Wevo was surprising in its partnership, with fast and quality deliveries. Our strategy was to fit Wevo into the schedules of the VTEX Agency and SAP team, and they were flexible in adapting to these schedules. Wevo's delivery was, and is being, of excellent quality, with a robust and stable platform, ensuring the performance of our operation.”

Claudio Rogério Boatto
IT Coordinator | La Moda

“Wevo is unanimous when it comes to systems integration in e-commerce. They are experts at this crucial stage of the process and are proud to deliver consistent results. With them, we are confident that our e-commerce will be able to safely double and triple billing.”

Bárbara Fortes
COO | Espaçolaser

“In addition to the agility to carry out the integrations, Wevo presented us with an extremely powerful system, capable of giving visibility to the flow of information transferred, as well as the ability to adapt to different scenarios to which we were subject to, in order to deliver an agile and dynamic ecommerce operation to our customers.”

Suzane de Araújo Vieira
Mobile and Web Development Manager | Supermercado Dia

"The team WEVO bought the project from the beginning and accepted the challenge of implementing the integration of VTEX with our ERP in very short time we had. The delivery of the integrations respected the schedule and whenever necessary some adjustments made the response time was quick.”

Leandro Izaias
Head TI Systems | DPK

“It was a very challenging process due to the delivery time and the complexity of the project and the interfaces to be delivered. Despite all the challenges, we managed to complete the project successfully, delivering a considerable cost reduction, close to 40%. ”

Felipe Pavoni
Director of E-commerce and Technology | Saraiva

Connector Studio

Have you ever thought about having the power to create your own connectors?

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