Design integration flows

Use the “Flow Design” functionality to build integration processes in a drag-and-drop interface with the possibility of transforming and treating data using JavaScript.


Develop what is really needed

With the “mapping” functionality, it is possible to integrate simple processes between different fields of different systems, as developers complete more projects, time to market decreases. The focus of IT shifts from operational processes to innovation, and the company saves on operations.

Development tools



Use your knowledge to develop efficient outputs using only JavaScript in your flow.



With this tool you can convert JSON files to XML instantly.


Logic Tools

If / Else, Loop and switch are some of the powerful algorithms to build the best flows.



Use the Compress and Decompress tools to manipulate files of different sizes.


Reuse codes quickly

Develop your own objects in “Code Functions” mode with the possibility of internal reuse, greatly increasing the productivity and quality of the project.


Data traffic is under your control

Creating and managing "Process Queues" it is possible to queue all the data processed by the platform and define which systems they will be destined for.


Store data dynamically

The 'Dynamic Storage' functionality provides a new way to deal with the creation and management of robust data tables composed of customizable fields. Stores records with high resiliency, securely for your database.

Connector Studio

Have you ever thought about having the power to create your own connectors?

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