Integrate SaaS applications and APIs to automate different business processes quickly.

With the Wevo Platform you can easily integrate APIs and SaaS systems available in public or private clouds, and automate business processes in a fully customizable and flexible way, and you can even use the hybrid integration capability of the Wevo Platform to also synchronize data with systems available onpremise. Integrate systems and APIs 10x faster Connect quickly with SaaS systems like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, VTEX, Shopify and more than 150 different applications using pre-built actions. Automate different business processes Set up your own business and data handling rules easily and automate all processes of your operation without limits on customization. Onpremise agent Integrate data with applications available in an onpremise and / or private environment securely, without the need to expose your data on a public route.

The use of APIs and software as a service (SaaS) is a constantly growing reality in large, medium and small companies, in different sectors of the economy. The digital transformation of organizations has allowed companies to be more receptive to using systems made available in the cloud, as well as the use of APIs to standardize and facilitate the consumption of technology application services. The adoption of this type of solution was so great that currently the number of different systems found in the departments of companies can exceed the mark of 200 applications.

This can be a real nightmare for the technology area, which in a short time sees the organization’s data fragmented into different systems and departments, generating duplicity, errors, and certainly, generating problems.

The volume of information stored within the different systems used by departments in organizations has increased exponentially, making it impossible to synchronize all of this data manually between applications. It is necessary that this recurring task of data synchronization is carried out automatically from integrations.

Integrate the SaaS systems used in your company’s sales, logistics, inventory, finance, customer service and HR departments and get more value from your contracted applications, operating in sync, enabling the true digital transformation of processes, departments and the entire organization .
Cloud-to-cloud integration Automatically synchronize information between APIs and SaaS applications available in public or private clouds, mobile applications, social networks, IOT, data-lakes, from pre-built API-based connectors.
Cloud-to-onpremise integration Automatically synchronize information between APIs, SaaS applications and systems made available onpremise, even in the case of proprietary / legacy systems, or databases.
A capacidade de enxergar o seu cliente por todos os ângulos possíveis a partir das informações coletadas dentro da sua organização, ajuda a:
Integrate systems quickly Create custom integrations Manage integrations automatically
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