Automate processes between systems, departments and organizations.

With the Wevo Platform you can easily configure custom process automations containing your own business and data processing rules, de / paras, transformations and more. Automate simple or complex processes, within a system or between different systems, in the same organization or with business partners. Intuitive and flexible interface Build fully customized processes using a drag-and-drop interface with connectors. Simple to use yet powerful features Users with little technical knowledge implement complex integrations. Reuse resources Create templates and reuse flows entirely or parts of an automation process.

Isolated employees in different departments may not see how their individual data and processes fit into the organization’s overall functioning, and how fragmented data across different systems creates problems for the company. In general, a business process is not limited to a single department. It is common for a process to travel through different areas so that it is complete. Let’s take as an example a Sales Order Management process for an Ecommerce operation.

For this process to occur, sales, logistics, inventory, finance, and customer service departments work together. Imagine that each of these different departments uses different systems. Without integration between these systems, this process is not viable, especially with the increase in the volume of data generated by these systems for this process to happen. Treating this type of process manually is a mistake and can be costly for companies. Communication between departments and therefore between systems is critical in any organization, large, medium or small. As the volume of data and the complexity of an organization expands, it is essential to establish a robust and governance automation strategy for this communication to occur without interference and in a fluid way.

Companies looking for growth and digitalization of their businesses can eliminate manual processes, in addition to increasing the visibility of data in different departments, speed in the execution of processes and precision in decision making throughout the organization.
Automate business processes Product registration, prices, Inventory updates, Orders, Tracking and Transport occurrences, Credit limit queries, Payment Approval, Exchanges and Returns and more.
Integrate data between systems SaaS and Onpremise systems such as E-commerce, ERP, CRM, POS, WMS, Chatbot, Payment Gateway, BI, Database, Legacy Systems and much more.
Connect organization departments Sales, Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Customer Service, Product Development, Information Security and IT.
Integrate systems quickly With a library containing +150 ready connectors.
Create custom integrations Build your own integration processes in a drag-and-drop interface by mapping fields easily.
integrations Have your integration processes running automatically at the frequency you define.
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