Know and understand the customer journey in different departments and systems of your organization.

With the Wevo Platform you can quickly integrate all systems used in the different departments of the organization and automate the collection and updating of customer data and business processes, enabling the 360º view of the customer. Integrate systems 10x faster Conecte rapidamente com Salesforce, Hubspot, RD, SAP, Oracle e mais de 150 diferentes sistemas utilizando ações pré-construídas. Automate data collection processes Set up your own business and data handling rules easily, from / to, transformations and more. Build a reliable and unique source of information Load all data into data lakes and BI updated automatically.

With an increasingly competitive market to attract new customers, get to know, take good care of and retain the customers you already have, it is very important to keep your company as a relevant organization in the sector. For that, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and structured view of your customers and the relationship that your company is building with them.


The 360º view of the customer is the ability to see the customer holistically, gathering different information generated during the relationship with the customer, collected in different departments of the organization and at different moments in the customer’s life cycle, such as:
Sales information Orders, products and brands purchased, order tracking and status.
Marketing information Abandoned cars, sentiment analysis on social networks.
Financial information Default, credit limit, means of payment adopted
Attendance information Complaints, exchanges, returns, compliments, doubts.
The ability to see your customer from all possible angles from the information collected within your organization, helps to:
Turn customers into fans Retain customers and generate recurrence Increase sales to these customers

With the digital transformation, the volume of information stored within the different systems used by departments in organizations has increased exponentially, making it impossible to collect and gather all this data manually. This recurring task of collecting and structuring data must be carried out automatically.


Integrate the systems used in your company’s service channels such as CRM, Chat, IVR, Self-Service Portal and Social Networks, with systems used for sales and analysis such as Ecommerce and BI, capture strategic data such as Abandoned Carts and promote fast actions of digital marketing, or simply improve the customer experience with SAC, reducing dissatisfaction and improving your company’s value perception.
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