We are the platform that allows companies in latin and central america to be truly digital companies, connecting apis, applications, data and devices.

Companies need solutions capable of automating their processes to accelerate the evolution of the business. That is why the Wevo Platform is ready to serve technology departments in several segments, which one they are industry, retail, health, education, digital business and insurance. Our solutions range from traditional business models to startups.

They are ready for digital transformation

Our customers see technology as an impetus to evolve with faster decisions, reused APIs and automated tasks.

“The biggest concern was precisely how to make all the systems and channels talk to each other to make the project work. Wevo had a strategic and vital role because he could connect this giant ecosystem, working completely in such a short time."

Ricardo Susini
Yamaha Commercial Director | Yamaha

“In the e-commerce project of the Lança Perfume and Enna brands, integrator Wevo was surprising in its partnership, with fast and quality deliveries. Our strategy was to fit Wevo into the schedules of the VTEX Agency and SAP team, and they were flexible in adapting to these schedules. Wevo's delivery was, and is being, of excellent quality, with a robust and stable platform, ensuring the performance of our operation.”

Claudio Rogério Boatto
IT Coordinator | La Moda

“Wevo is unanimous when it comes to systems integration in e-commerce. They are experts at this crucial stage of the process and are proud to deliver consistent results. With them, we are confident that our e-commerce will be able to safely double and triple billing.”

Bárbara Fortes
COO | Espaçolaser

“In addition to the agility to carry out the integrations, Wevo presented us with an extremely powerful system, capable of giving visibility to the flow of information transferred, as well as the ability to adapt to different scenarios to which we were subject to, in order to deliver an agile and dynamic ecommerce operation to our customers.”

Suzane de Araújo Vieira
Mobile and Web Development Manager | Supermercado Dia

"The team WEVO bought the project from the beginning and accepted the challenge of implementing the integration of VTEX with our ERP in very short time we had. The delivery of the integrations respected the schedule and whenever necessary some adjustments made the response time was quick.”

Leandro Izaias
Head TI Systems | DPK

“It was a very challenging process due to the delivery time and the complexity of the project and the interfaces to be delivered. Despite all the challenges, we managed to complete the project successfully, delivering a considerable cost reduction, close to 40%. ”

Felipe Pavoni
Director of E-commerce and Technology | Saraiva

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Imagine being part of a team that is revolutionizing Latin America through technology capable of digitizing ecosystems.

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Our essence, our DNA

Win with
the true

Every day we choose the path of truth as our only path. Ethics and honesty are very relevant here. When making decisions we do not consider any other possibility than that involving the truth, because, against the truth there is nothing. We do not believe in "facilities", or "little ways", we do not do "what everyone else does" ... Even if it may delay or hurt us more than "normal".


We understand that within the world of startups you are either growing or you are dying, and we choose to grow! We have escaped the comfort zone and are always working to become a better version of ourselves, although in the process it is necessary to make many changes and route adjustments, we prefer the discomfort of adapting, than the bitterness of death.

Value the

We care about creating and maintaining a genuine, win-win connection between us and the people we relate to, whether they are employees, partners, or customers, aligning purposes, dreams and professional goals. We do not pull rugs, on the contrary, we extend rugs to welcome and honor those who are with us.

Own the
rocket's control

We don't like to sit in the window, we sit in the pilot's chair. We take control of the rocket because we are obstinate, we like to take risks, and we come to make it happen. But we know that this posture requires preparation, discipline, and a total sense of responsibility.

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